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The Beechwood Guesthouse

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Thinking of holiday.Come to Blackpool From 22    BEECHWOOD GUESTHOUSE.
Your very own 'Home from Home'

Clean Rooms,Comfy Beds.Great Food.


 Visit Britian,Stay Blackpool,

Come stay with us at BEECHWOOD GUESTOUSE  6 Trafalgar road FY16AW.

Stay with us and go enjoy all Blackpool's Entertainment.


Heather and Chris welcome you to stay at the Beechwood Guesthouse.

The Beechwood is one of many Great Guesthouses and Hotels in Blackpool.

We have kept our prices affordable to help your pocket.The Beechwood is a friendly family run Guesthouse for you to bring all the family to enjoy a fantastic time at the seaside.We provide great fresh home cooked meals with locally sourced food .

B&B , we also provide Room Only rates.All to meet YOUR needs.

We are situated between the Famous Blackpool Tower and The Pleasure Beach in quiet road just off the Promenade and central to all Blackpool's entertainment, Soul Suite, Sands Caberet Venue, Viva Caberet etc and The Grand Theatre or Opera House.

Blackpool FC stadium (Bloomfield Road ) is less than a 5 minute walk away.

Why not have the ride of your life on The Big One at the Pleasure Beach or a terrific day out at Blackpool Tower(great value for money).Spend some time at The Sandcastle Waterpark, a splashing great time.

You could try a day out at Blackpool Zoo with all its new animals and play barn.

At the end of your day you can relax in the lounge with a drink from the  CJ's bar ,which is always well stocked.

All the rooms have tea/coffee making facilities and fresh laundered towels are provided.

We service our rooms daily.


Heather and Chris are here to help YOU enjoy your stay in Blackpool.



Great Weekends at The Pleasure Beach/Nickleodeonland. Click here to check it out.

Dont hesitate to let us know if you need further information or want to make a reservation .Telephone
01253 346076 or E-mail

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards.

Why not have a few drinks at the hotel bar before a great night out in Blackpool!

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The Beechwood Guesthouse

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